at Mobility Startup Day 2023


Our team is excited to announce our participation in the 2. Mobility Startup Day on November 29th in Osnabrück, Germany!  

This event is a great opportunity for startups and established companies in the mobility industry to come together, network, and learn from each other. As a provider of software development services, we are thrilled to be a part of this exciting event.  

We will also be showcasing our trace.way app solution, which streamlines data and information exchange for deliveries, transportation routes, and times. trace.way offers key benefits such as automatic documentation, sustainable monitoring, and flexible response to delays.  

We invite all startups, established companies, and other interested parties to join the Mobility Startup Day .This is a great opportunity to learn about the latest trends in mobility and connect with potential collaborators.   

Mark your calendars for November 29, 2023, and see us in Osnabrück!  

📞 +49 176 768 519 39 / +49 176 569 777 93 

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