Talent + Structure = Success

devhouse-smartcity-hack-2023-after (main)

👨‍💻 Last week, dev.house had the privilege to mentor a super talented team of 4 computer science students at SmartCityHack together with Georg Redekop. 

🤖 The team had the idea to implement an AI-based app that helps you conveniently plan your day/evening. 

💡 Despite the short 24 hours, the team was able to create a working prototype with the connection to the Bing Chat API.

🏆 We put the talent of the young team on the right track with some structure and organisation, and thus won first place in the coding track. 

Are your software projects lacking structure or talent? We are happy to help!  

Many thanks to the SmartCityHouse for letting us be part of it.  

✉️ info@dev.house  

📞 +49 176 768 519 39 / +49 176 569 777 93 

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