About us

We develop digital VALUE!

Working together as partners we create the future of your company from an individual idea to a customized software solution. At the same time, we use Agile methods to ensure that your product reaches its maturity as quickly as possible.

Who we are

Our team brings more than 20 years of experience and competence to IT projects from different industries. 

Our core competence is to strengthen the future viability of companies from a technological perspective and sustainably promote digital transformation. We continue to develop existing customer solutions or create new innovative products using the latest technologies and concepts.

Our mission

We are your reliable partner in digital transformation. As an experienced IT service provider, we help companies implement simple and individual but also very complex IT projects. 

We help our clients in this, and especially in the implementation of practical and innovative IT solutions. Thereby, the processes associated with the company remain optimal, efficient, sustainable and still promising with the help of digital solutions.

What we offer

In 6-D steps to success

All IT project stakeholders such as domain experts, architects, system developers, engineers and executives have an interest in delivering great software. A structured 6-D approach allows you to deliver better software faster.



Discover is the most important initial phase of software development, which focuses on identifying the target audience and end users, clarification of the project vision, business goals and scope, as well as identification of possible risks. 



In Define the project is analyzed in detail and the feasibility of the project is being evaluated. At the same time, the project team identifies, collects and defines current requirements, wishes and expectations with regard to the software product.



During Design, decisions are made about the architecture and creation of the software solution. Here, the first drafts are created, the coding guidelines are defined, and working environments and frameworks are determined in order to fulfill the defined product goals.



In Develop, the software product is built according to proven agile techniques or based on the specifications met. The developers work very closely with the customers. Thus, decisions can be made quickly and the desired goals and results can be achieved.



When rolling out (Deploy) the developed software solution into a production environment, the implemented software solution is tested for quality and performance standards using automated tests and is deployed with the lowest possible downtime.



In Deliver, the software is put into operation. From now on, the developed and tested software product will be available to end users. Thereby, operational work begins including component monitoring and alerting in the event of a fault and its rapid elimination.

Why us as a partner?


Your advantages at a glance.

With many years of experience in the relevant domains, we will help you quickly master the necessary technical skills and set up modern development processes.

In cooperation, it is especially important for us to pay special attention to technologies, concepts and methods that have already proven themselves in different IT projects.

We strive for a long-term partnership and want to secure your trust and business success together in the long term.

We offer highly qualified IT specialists. This broad IT know-how allows flexible solutions to adapt specifically to your needs.

Our highly qualified IT expert you can hire as needed and flexible for your project or internal know-how transfer.

With us as your partner, you have less procurement and administration costs which significantly reduces the response time when implementing your IT projects.

IT knowledge in numbers

Technology know-how in

1 +
Frontend & Backend Frameworks
Database solutions
1 +
UI / UX Tools
BI Tools

Would you like to start a project with us?

We are happy to assist you. Let us advise you personally!

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