receives EU funding

Thanks to the support from the European Commission, the trace.way app becomes a reality. Within the framework of an EU research project, we are currently developing a solution for supply chain traceability, which enables transparent, easy, and digital tracking of live animal transportation between farmers, transport companies, and slaughterhouses.  

Our trace.way solution offers the following benefits to all stakeholders: 

  1. Increased transparency in the supply chain for farmers, transport companies, and slaughterhouse operators
  2. Automatic and sustainable documentation of deliveries
  3. Automatic and sustainable monitoring of transportation routes and times
  4. Automatic and sustainable monitoring of legally required transportation times for live animals
  5. Flexible response to transportation delays caused by traffic jams, accidents, and vehicle issues such as malfunctions or breakdowns

With the support of the European Union, we can invest in research, development, and technical expertise to create an innovative solution. Within this EU research project, we have successfully utilized the latest technologies and innovative IT software solutions to depict livestock transportation in a smart, easy, and digital manner through a concise solution like the trace.way app. 

Our trace.way app solution is particularly suitable for triangular constellations where essential data and information are exchanged between farmers, transport companies, and slaughterhouse operators. This approach can also be easily adapted to other industries and integrated into other systems through a standardized API interface. 

Currently, we are seeking companies to participate in a pilot project to evaluate our trace.way app solution. In the event of success, you could offer this solution to your customers as a service.  

Are you interested in participating in such a pilot project to evaluate the practical relevance of our solution? Please do not hesitate to contact us by writing or calling our team. 

📞 +49 176 768 519 39 / +49 176 569 777 93 

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