ATLAS Demoday for the livestock


📢 Join us for the ATLAS Demoday and learn about our trace.way app solution for the livestock industry! 

🔥 We are excited to show our use cases for interoperability and data sharing in the livestock industry. During the event, the ATLAS project team will: 

  • – Provide an overview of the ATLAS structures and guide you on how to work with them. 
  • – Showcase real-world use cases implemented in livestock products. 
  • – Dive into technical details, including APIs and more. 

🏆 Our team will present our livestock use cases and demonstrate the trace.way app solution, which is particularly suitable for triangular constellations where essential data and information are exchanged between farmers, transport companies, and slaughterhouse operators. 

 💡 This approach can also be easily adapted to other industries and integrated into other systems through a standardized API interface. 

 🔎  We are currently seeking companies to participate in a pilot project to evaluate our trace.way app solution. In a pilot project of success, you could offer this solution to your customers as a service. 

 📝  Are you interested in participating in such an ATLAS Demoday to evaluate the practical relevance of our solution? Please register here: 
📞 +49 176 768 519 39 / +49 176 569 777 93 

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