Continuous Integration explained GmbH Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration (CI) is the process of continuously integrating the team's code into the main branch of your code repository. The focus is on doing this in small increments, but continuously. An integral part of this approach is to check these increments for quality. In doing so, automated builds and tests, test coverage and scanning the code for security vulnerabilities play a major role. The development process becomes more transparent and helps to avoid errors in the future deployment.

Why is it important for you?
- detect problems in development earlier
- find and remove bugs earlier
- save the developers time during tests and quality gates
- deliver new features and get user feedback more rapidly

How does it work?
- automate your builds
- make your builds self-testing
- create quality gates for the code
- test on an isolated copy of production environment
- make the build process transparent for everyone in the team
– Durch Automatisierung Ihrer Builds
– Machen Sie Ihre Builds selbsttestend
– Erstellen von Quality Gates für den Code
– Testen auf einer isolierten Kopie der Produktivumgebung
– Transparenz des Build-Prozesses für alle Teammitglieder

Which tools do we use?
– Azure DevOps (Azure Pipelines)
– Gitlab CI
– Github Actions
– Jenkins

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